Electronic Bit Byte - The Mission


Here at Electronic Bit Byte, there is one clear focus, to be the best that we can be.

We want to provide you with news that excites, features that entertain, and content that doesn't focus on click bate tactics.

Do you remember a time when the most important thing to you was getting home from school so that you could go back to playing your favourite new game.  Or maybe hanging out at the cinema waiting in the lobby to see the film that you've been waiting to see for the last 12 months?

Over time, we lose those feelings of enthusiam and excitement from our lives as other priorities take over.  And that's ok, but our mission is to remind you of those times in your life when you had no other focuses.

Whether you enjoy what you see enough to become a Patron, or visit us once every now and then, either way you are helping us to learn, develop, and focus on what we love, and that is amazing.

We may have aspirations to grow, but we'll never forget where we started, and the people that supported us.

Our aim is to;

  • Provide simplicity

  • Provide factual, informative information

  • Have fun and celebrate the hard work of others

  • Bring colour to the world