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20 Questions... With N64 Glenn Plant

Getting to know people is important in all walks of life. Taking the time to appreciate the different nuances of people personalities, what makes someone tick, and the different passions they have, can be one of the most interesting, and rewarding parts of living.

With this in mind, welcome to 20 Questions. A recurring feature where Electronic Bit Byte interview well known, or even up and coming, YouTubers, with the most in depth and informative questions available to the world!

N64 Glenn Plant is a retro YouTuber strongly associated with, well, the Nintendo 64. Affectionately using the logo of an unofficial British N64 magazine from the time of the consoles hey day, and one that we remember fondly here at Electronic Bit Byte, Glenn, is hugely passionate about this time in console history.

His mission is to review all things N64, and as it currently stands, he has done a phenomenal job, through praise, and criticism of hundreds of games on the console.

Glenn is incredibly active in the community and can often be caught streaming on Twitch or interacting with fans on his Facebook page.

But what is it that makes him remember this console so fondly, and why does he continue to be involved in the world of video games? Let's find out...

1. What was it that made you become interested in the world of video games?

I suppose that like many people of my age, my love for gaming started with my Dad. He and his work colleagues were big Sega fans back in the day and so they would be sharing games and so on, and I was lucky enough to grow up in the era when the NES and MegaDrive became huge. And so in the apartment block in London, where I lived at the time, there were a lot of families and kids of a similar age. We would always go between each others homes and play the systems we all had. It had a real community feel to it which has sadly been lost I feel with modern gaming.

2. Is your passion for video games still due to that first topic of interest or has your reason for being involved in the video game scene now, changed?

When I was younger I was interested in both the actual playing of video games but also the journalism supporting the industry. These days my interest really sits in the journalistic aspect of gaming, as many people will know, the older you get and the more commitments you have, the harder it is to find that 40+ hours needed to sit through a huge RPG for example. In a way the internet killed off print magazines for gaming, as everything became instantly available, and information became much more freely available, meaning you could bypass magazines and pretty much go straight to the source. In a way though, I also feel that's helped the industry because other YouTubers such as myself don’t feel the need to be trying to break the latest news, but can instead focus on the purity of gaming in general. It has also allowed many YouTubers to become so damn creative with what they do that they have formed their own genre of gaming content. Guys like Larry Bundy Jr and Slopes Game room for example are excellent examples of how gaming can still be a passion without even needing to play video games for their channels.

3. What is your most prized video game possession, that is not a game or a console, and why does it mean so much to you?

My most prized gaming possession is my copy of the N64 Anthology. When the guys over at geeksline in Paris got in touch with me to let me know about the project they were working on, it was a no brainer, and after the huge amount of help that my shout out gave their Kickstarter project, they honoured me by giving me one of the forewords to write so the fact I'm in an excellent publication is something I will always treasure.

4. What genre of game do you enjoy playing even though you would say you aren't good at it?

I was never the best First Person Shooter, gamer even back in the day (a lot of people assume I'd be some kind of Goldeneye master, which sadly im not) but I really enjoy playing them. Modern FPS like COD (Call of Duty) get a lot of stick, but I still find myself really enjoying playing them online.

5. What decision do you wish a game company never made and why?

I wish that Nintendo would have thrown more money at Rare before the Microsoft buyout, however by the end of the N64 era many of the core team members had already parted ways with the company, and so I think the magic was starting to be lost just before Microsoft swooped in. Still, its sad to see what they became for a long time but lets hope their cool new project Sea Of Thieves really takes off and they continue to build on it.

6. If you could only keep 2 consoles and 1 game for each what would they be and why?

Hmmm, 2 consoles and one game for each. Well N64 is a no brainer and that would be Ocarina of time as that's my all time favourite game. I suppose the next one would be the Xbox One and the game would be Rare Replay if that doesn’t count as cheating?

7. Why do you believe video games are still relevant in the world and are still so popular?

I think as technology evolved and became more mainstream, people are more accepting of the gaming sector in many ways. I grew up in a time where you’d almost never see a girl play video games and when I was in high school perhaps 10 of the entire year in school had the internet. You were literally classed as a geek because anything tech or gaming based was a geek market back then. When you consider now that if you don’t have the internet you’d be classed as some left wing nut job, its quite a turn around for what has been 2 decades. I think that as game development has expanded they have been more inclined to create inclusive titles which appeal to mass market consumers. I think that's why you now see many more types of people playing games than ever before which is helping keep the gaming industry healthy.

8. Growing up, what was the one game that you wished was on the console that you owned but wasn't and why?

Metal Gear Solid for sure, although saying that I did end up getting a chipped PS1 with about 400 games so I didn’t have to wait too long. I remember seeing the commercials for it on TV at the time and thinking damn I want to play that. Luckily I did because that's a masterpiece.

9. Who inspires you to continue to better yourself and your channel?

Without sounding narcissistic I really just do my own thing without focussing on what others are doing. I think many people start a YouTube channel trying to be the next Angry Video Game Nerd or whatever the big popular channel is these days. Instead I think most people are better off just doing their own thing, and what they enjoy doing, and their passion will shine through any phoney acting they do to try to make their videos more entertaining.

10. At the end or your time on this earth, what game will you regret having not played, or not dedicated more time to?

I really don’t have time to get invested in RPG's these days and so you could say any of them. I used to be a fan back in the day but I don’t feel that they are the kind of games you can take big breaks between play times and still get whats happening. I've no chance of getting huge blocks of time to properly sit down and play one and so you could insert the name of any RPG really.

11. If you had the opportunity to own your own game development studio, and money was no object, what game would you create?

I would create Diddy Kong Racing 2. I know that's a strange choice but for me it's one of my all time favourite games and I was so disappointed when Donkey Kong Racing was cancelled as even from the first screen shots I was eagerly awaiting its release.

12.  How would you like your audience to describe you and how close do you think you are to achieving this?

I think they would describe me as chill, a no flashy tricks kind of channel that is easy to sit down and watch, and that I leave viewers to form their own opinions on games by not giving specific scores etc. I know some people want that which I refuse to do because at the end of the day I'm just one person with my own gaming interests. I don’t class any of my reviews as definitive opinions on the games and so I like people to discuss the game in the comments amongst each other to help. I think I do that well and always have done, I'm also probably one of the most responsive YouTubers in the comments also but that helps with not having millions of subs.

13.  What is your earliest or most enduring video gaming memory?

My earliest gaming memory was, I think, playing Alex Kidd on some kids Master system. I don’t even think I knew him, I was just randomly at his house for some reason. Either way it was a cool memory, the first gaming memory in my own home was not knowing that I needed to press start at the title screen of Sonic the Hedgehog ahaha.

14.  What one scene/section of gameplay in any game tweaks your nostalgic interest, and when you think of it, or play it again, makes you feel good?

I think Link leaving Kokiri Forest after the first Ocarina of Time dungeon will always stay with me. It was an epic moment in gaming after what has to be one of the best starts to any video game in history. As Link leaves the forest, and everyone that he knew behind, it was almost mirroring my life in a sense that I was leaving home and going out into the unknown. Then when you finally leave the forest and link steps out into Hyrule Field you can see just how big the wider world is, and it fills you with anticipation for what is to come in the future. A cool moment that I've never seen another game pull off so well.

15.  What game do you love that is largely disliked by the majority and why do you think it resonates with you?

Has to be Turok 3 and if you’re in any doubt, that people disagree with me, go check out the comments section on that video. I think it was ahead of its time in a way but many people said it tried too hard to copy the Half-Life formula. I liked it because it had 2 characters with their own routes through levels which made it intertwine to the games conclusion. I liked the graphical style and felt that the enemies and bosses were much better than Turok 2: Seeds of Evil. I think many people hate on it because they didn’t play it at the time as it was a late N64 title, and also because they have such strong nostalgic memories of Turok 2 as many got it for Christmas.

16.  If you could only use one controller from the history of all consoles but it worked on all systems, what would your choice be?

Xbox 360 controller for sure, I still think that's the best controller ever made and I wouldn’t change much on it.

17.  If you could have any piece of equipment in real life from any video game what your choice be and why?

The cerebral bore gun from Turok 2 - there's many times in the office where someone pisses you off and that weapon would be a great stress reliever.

18.  If you could change your name to any video game characters, what would you change it to and why?

Slippy Toad - that would get some hilarious reactions such as hotels, airports etc

19.  What do you think is the next stage of gaming?

I think the next stage of gaming will be 100% cloud based, on demand with no physical formats. I have a 200mb cable connection to my house and when I use any of the streaming services for gaming they work flawlessly. I think it requires more people to have high speed internet and then it’ll really take off.

20.  In life, what would you say or do to inspire someone to achieve greatness?

Always be learning or studying for something - I have never stopped and its always served me well in life. Qualifications are king and so try to find a way to turn your passion into a qualification and then the rest will take care of itself!

Be sure to check out N64 Glenn Plant on YouTube if you like what you have read here.

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