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Nindies Put On Quite A Show!

Updated: Mar 21, 2018

Nintendo has done a fantastic job of late when it comes to building anticipation towards its Direct broadcasts. Each one is awaited to see what new games will be announced.

Nintendo has shone the spotlight for it's latest Direct on it's Indie developers and shown a strong line-up for the forthcoming months.

You can watch the full Direct below. Check out the list of games announced and our Electronic Bit Byte hype meter for our anticipation levels.

Mark of the Ninja Remastered

Developed by - Klei

Genre - Stealth/Platformer

Release - Autumn 2018

Fantasy Strike

Developed by - Sirlin Games

Genre - Fighting Game

Release - Summer 2018

Just Shapes & Beats

Developed by - Berzerk Studio

Genre - Shoot 'em up

Release - Summer 2018


Developed by - Tiny Build Games

Genre - 2D Shooter

Release - Spring 2018

Pool Panic

Developed by - Rekim Games

Genre - Pool 'em up

Release - No fixed window, but 2018 release

Bomb Chicken

Developed by - Nitrome

Genre - Platformer

Release - Summer 2018

Lumines Remastered

Developed by - Enhanced Games

Genre - Puzzle

Release - Spring 2018

Reigns Kings and Queens

Developed by - Nerial

Genre - Puzzle/Strategy

Release - Spring 2018

Light Fall

Developed by - Bishop

Genre - Platformer

Release - Spring 2018

West of Loathing

Developed by - Asymmetric

Genre - Adventure

Release - Spring 2018


Developed by - Henchman & Goon

Genre - Adventure

Release - Spring 2018

The Messenger

Developed by - Sabotage

Genre - Platformer

Release - Summer 2018

Bad North

Developed by - Plausible Concept

Genre - Strategy

Release - Summer 2018

The Banner Saga 3

Developed by - Versus Evil

Genre - Strategy

Release - Summer 2018

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