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Nintendo Labo - Kit Details

Nintendo have always been keen innovators where technology is concerned, but with Labo, they surely created a ripple through the industry that no one predicted.

As previously reported, Labo is set to come in 2 different packs which consist of cardboard sets that can be put together and used with software to form new video game experiences.

Nintendo have shone a brighter light on the Variety Kit which consists of 5 sets. The Toy-Con RC Car, the Toy-Con Fishing Rod, the Toy-Con House, the Toy-Con Motorbike, and lastly, the Toy-Con Piano.

They have also gone into more detail involving what many will consider the most interesting of the sets, the Robot Kit, because who doesn't want to take control of a huge robot?!

Launching on the 27th April 2018 for a cost of £59.99 for the Variety Kit and £69.99 for the Robot Kit.

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