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No Man's Sky Jumps To Xbox

Updated: Mar 30, 2018

No Man's Sky has had a tumultuous life on the Playstation 4 to say the least. Heralded as a game to truly break boundaries, by both the team at Hello Games, and Sony themselves, the game did not meet expectations.

Missing features, including previously announced content, meant that the game received a hostile reaction from a large proportion of the gaming population. However, the game has moved on considerably in the time since it's launch.

So it is with great interest that we look to the future, after the surprise announcement that Hello Games' exclusivity deal with Sony has come to an end, and the game will be released on Xbox One at some point in the Summer.

Sean Murray, lead programmer on the game, revealed via Xbox Wire, that the game will come with all previous updates, plus it's latest patch release, titled "Next."

"No Man’s Sky on Xbox One is huge. It includes the initial ambitious release, and all three major updates which changed so much: Foundation brought base building, freighter ownerships and survival game mode; Pathfinder introduced vehicles, online base sharing, and permadeath; Atlas Rises added 30 hours of story, a new procedural mission system and a visual overhaul. Which brings us to Next, our “next step” on a longer journey for us and the No Man’s Sky community. This is our biggest update so far, and something we’ve been working ridiculously hard on. And after its release, we’ll continue to support No Man’s Sky with significant and free content updates on Xbox One. Next has a lot we’re going to surprise people with and I can’t wait until we can share more." Said Murray.

The "Next" update will also be released to all Playstation 4 players as a free update when it is ready, and the game will optimised for 4K performance on the Xbox One X.

We'll bring you more on this story as it is revealed. Let us know, are you excited for an Xbox One release, or have you been put off by the bad publicity that followed the launch of the original Playstation 4 version?

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