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Sega Shows Off Mighty And Ray

Sonic Mania was a game that the Sega, and Sonic community had been waiting what felt like a lifetime for, and exploded onto the gaming scene last year.

Whilst many are almost certainly waiting eagerly for a follow-up, Sega recently revealed Sonic Mania Plus, a physical release of the game, including 2 added characters, Mighty the Armadillo, and Ray the Flying Squirrel.

The game will also release with an art book, reversible Genesis/Mega Drive box art, and altered in game level assets.

But that's all old news! What was revealed today was our first look at how both new characters will play and a brief glimpse at some of the altered in game assets.

Mighty the Armadillo appears to have the ability to dash downwards, akin to Sonic's use of the water shield, and can also smash through spikes.

Ray the Flying Squirrel can, well, fly, but not in a Tails kind of way. Ray is able to glide in a similar fashion to Mario utilising his cape from Super Mario World on the SNES, a first in a Sonic game, and something that will no doubt add an interesting new way to play through Sonic Mania.

The game releases on the 17th July 2018 on Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, and Xbox One for £29.99 whilst those who have already purchased the game digitally will be able to download the additional content for £3.99.

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